Dervina Firming Cream

I have found that with products like Dervina Firming Cream you have to really do your research before ordering. There are so many similar products on the market that just stopping to look into one seems like a mission, let alone actually deciding whether it is the right thing for you. I personally have reviewed and researched numerous products and have had a hard time actually pinpointing one that is really impressive. They all have their drawbacks, some don’t deliver at all, while others, though effective, certainly do not live up to the amazing benefits and speed which their official websites market. With that said, I have noticed that for the most part most of them really are effective, they just take longer than most people expect. Remember, wrinkles take years to form, you cannot expect a product to reverse these years overnight. Even a facelift requires time to actually look good, yes, Botox are considerably faster and more effective but on the other hand are very expensive, extremely painful, and if you ask me, certainly not worth it.


What is Dervina Firming Cream?

Well, obviously it is an anti-wrinkle moisturizer, the name says it all. It is a specially formulated face cream which is claimed to be able to help you look younger, your skin healthier, and reduces the amount of visible wrinkles and fine lines.

The official website claims that the results will be more than impressive with equally impressive numbers such as 29% decrease in the overall depth of wrinkles. They also claim that 82% increase in the collagen synthesis, and 33% decrease in furrow depth. These are all great numbers, and numbers we all would definitely enjoy, but there is no way to actually confirm this as there are not studies linked to this information which would have been great to read into.

The official website is littered with images of beautiful women as well as before and after pictures. This is very common with websites like these, as well as the familiar faces. Not to mention the fact that most of the after pictures are simple edited Photoshop images of the before (which are high in contrast to make the wrinkles and spots stand out). This again, is not a deal breaker either. Usually, when it comes to marketing companies such as these seem to believe that making their website stand out is key, even if it means exaggerating a bit. I am sure the product is effective, no doubt about it as they wouldn’t go through the trouble of trying to sell it, but their marketing tactics are hurting them rather than helping.


How does Dervina Firming Cream Work?

They basically say what all other similar websites say, that it’s the best product on the market and there is none like it out there. Your skin will be smoother, healthier, and glowing with the impressive promised youthful suppleness in no time at all. The ingredients in the product work on a cellular level and help substantially reduce wrinkle appearance. This is because the ingredients penetrate not only the first layer of skin but further in depth giving better results.

The only ingredient that I was able to find in the official website was Polymoist-PS which is a face firming peptide. It has been proven to reduce appearance of wrinkles and is completely natural. There are numerous websites claiming that this one ingredient, which is a complex peptide blend, is actually all you need to remove wrinkles and is very effective. Personally, I tried to find some studies on it but found nothing except for research of other similar products. I also tried to find the rest of the ingredients found in this product but found absolutely nothing further on it than what I have found on the official website.

They go on to discuss how dermatologists recommend using anti-aging products and even go as far to state that Dervina Firming Cream is recommended more and more. Unfortunately, none of these dermatologists were available for a comment or willing to give their name. They also discuss how models and Hollywood stars use similar anti-wrinkle creams which contain the same ingredients as this one, but fail to actually note which ingredients these are.

How to Buy Dervina Firming Cream

This product is available exclusively on the official website. You can purchase it only through their Free Trial offer which costs only $3.82 for shipping and handling. You will receive a full 30 day supply of the product but doesn’t this fool you as it has numerous others in the past which consider this tactic a scam. Technically, if you are well aware of the charges, the terms of the trial, and in general read into the product, then you cannot be scammed. The trial is for only 16 calendar days from the day you order. From that point on if you do not call and cancel you will be charged $101.04 which is the full price for the 30 day supply you have been sent. You are also enrolled in their auto ship program which ensures you get a new supply every 30 days and will charge you $101.04 plus shipping and handling.

Is Dervina Firming Cream a Scam? Is it Effective?

I did not write this review to answer this question. This is because I believe that you shouldn’t believe what you read online and simply because I know that most people do not. I write these reviews so as to give you as much information as I can find on a particular product, give you the information in between the lines, provide you with valuable information from the terms and conditions which you may have missed, and anything else I have found on 3rd party websites to help save you time. This, however, doesn’t mean just read my review and decide whether to order. I do think that this could be an effective product simply because I have learned that for the most part they are, even if a list of ingredients is not provided. If you are aware of the terms and conditions stated in the official Dervina Firming Cream website then you will have no problem with getting scammed or getting unauthorized charges, still, do your research, find comments and more reviews, and gather as much as you can before ordering any product online.


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