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As with many products out there today one of the first questions I asked when I landed on the official Derma ProMedics Anti-Wrinkle Formula website was if it’s a scam. The market is overflowing with products that are not only less than effective, but complete scams, that selecting one from the hundreds thrown at you is difficult.

I will do a quick review of the website, the product, and hopefully shine some light on this very important question. There are many things to consider and it is important that every detail is looked over carefully in order to determine whether this product is worth ordering.


What is Derma ProMedics Anti-Wrinkle Formula?

Well, I think the name more or less covers that question. It is a special formula which you use twice a day in order to make your skin look younger and reduce wrinkles. Generally, women when they pass a certain age an anti-wrinkle cream is essential to keep up their youthful appearance and recue fine lines and wrinkles.

The official website claims that this formula will help diminish wrinkle density by 37%, reduce surface wrinkles by 44.9%, and reduce the volume of wrinkles by 18.5%. Surprisingly, for the first time the percent’s listed seem realistic. Listing such percentages is common for such products but usually they are so over-exaggerated that from looking at them alone you know well enough that the product is a complete scam.

Though they focus more on marketing than information I did notice that they don’t use the standard marketing tactics trying to make their product look as if it’s the only thing on the market. The only marketing scheme they used that I wasn’t a big fan of was the whole “Hollywood Secret” trick where they state that ingredients in the product have been used by stars for years to look beautiful. You cannot say something like this without backing it with real information such as which ingredients and which stars.

With that said, the product website seems straightforward and informative. They discuss how the product boosts collagen production which essentially helps improve skin firmness. The ingredients of moisturizing agents and vitamins allows for the skin to be flexible and smooth without the flaxy residue that most other products leave behind. It works by pulling your skin gently and smoothing it out for firmer and younger look.

They claim that you can see results in 30 days, but later note that at least 8 weeks with application two times a day is necessary to see results, as per a study of several hundred women. Just to note, the study was not done on the product itself but rather an ingredient found in the product (which of course is not noted).


What is in Derma ProMedics Anti-Wrinkle Formula?

I was really hoping for a list of ingredients in this product or at least an image of the label. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough to get it, as it is commonplace with such products. They do note that one of the key ingredients is the now quite popular Matrixyl 3000. It helps trigger fibroblasts which aid in the production of collagen and in general important connective tissue. This results in reduction of wrinkle size and a noticeable lift of the skin. You will also experience a plumping effect making skin appear less saggy. Another ingredient noted is Retinyl Palmitate which is a great alternative to Retinol as it is much gentler thus making it more suitable for those with more sensitive skin. This is basically Vitamin A and it is easily absorbed into the skin. Matrikines, peptides, in the product are known to regulate the activities of cells because they are basically the messengers of molecules. They interact with specific receptors which aid in the activation of certain genes that are involved in the process of the renewal of the extra cellar matrix and proliferation of cells.

Unfortunately, that is all the information provided about the ingredients in the product. I have tried to dig up more information but was unable to find a full list. Currently, there are no 3rd party websites that share ingredients list either. I have found that all of the ingredients they do note are safe and effective and Matrixyl 3000 has actually quickly grown in popularity both used alone as well as in a variety of anti-age products in recent times with much success.


How to Buy Derma ProMedics Anti-Wrinkle Formula?

The only thing that I did not like about this website was their Free Trial Offer. The good thing is, unlike with most websites that I have seen such offers, is that they actually disclose the number of days the trial is for upon ordering. You can find information on the price and the terms further down. You order your trial for $4.95 and receive a full 30 day supply of the product. You have 14 days to try it (from the day of order) and if you decide not to purchase call to cancel your trial and follow their return instructions. If you fail to call and cancel your trial you will be charged in full which is $129.00. You will also be signed up for their auto-ship program where you will be shipped a new supply every month and charged for it until you call and cancel.


My Opinion on Derma ProMedics Anti-Wrinkle Formula

I have read into a number several products by Derma ProMedics in the past and have found their products to be relatively effective. For the most part customers are very happy with the results, but I would not expect the results they flaunt on their website. Results may vary and you shouldn’t expect their best possible results, but considering their promises even half the results are still quite good. The only thing that kind of discerned me was the price of their products and that you cannot purchase them without going through their trial and auto-ship program, but if you are happy with the product and are willing to pay the price I see nothing wrong with it.

Overall, I think that the Derma ProMedics Anti-Wrinkle Formula could be an effective option and I do not think the website is a scam, but do stay alert and read the full terms & conditions before ordering.


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